Thursday, 1 March 2012

Renewed and Restored (for the wonderful Sue H)

It is the 1st March. It is Animal Aid's Veggie Month!

The Sun is REALLY shining! The birds are REALLY singing and sound happy!

Could Spring finally, really be here?I went out for a walk earlier with the "pack" and saw a pair of bluetits chasing after each other. I immediately thought of the term "twiterpating" from Bambi! Thats what they were doing, TWITERPATING!

The Great tits were singing their distinct call to each other, the robin was singing his beautiful song and our resident sparrows are definately in the process of building their nest!
 The days are getting longer, it's still light at 6pm. Spring is definately peeking over the horizon! and only 3 weeks ago, I was enthralled at all the tiny footprints left by all these birds as they foraged in the snow for food in the garden.

There are lambs in the fields and this is the time when our incomprehendable and brutal treatment of animals is most evident. These gorgeous little creatures are destined for only one place...............
The slaughter house, just so they can end up on the plates of millions of individuals for Sunday lunch.
I drive past some of these beautiful bundles of innocence and legs every morning and my heart swells with joy,warmth and happiness, feelings which are closely followed by an all consuming sadness and a real CUTTING  pain in my heart when I think of their fate.

The Dawn chorus is edging out of an empty black space, at the moment, it is tentative and almost fragile but it is definately getting stronger and earlier!

And I am feeling an alien feeling which I haven't felt for what feels like a really long time!

I have a positive energy that has been a stranger to me for what feels like an eternity and I have a vague anxiety that it won't last.

Although, I feel differently this time. More enegised and focused, inspired, optimistic and determined than I remember feeling before. I am determined to dedicate my spare time to being part of a movement campaigning to make a better, safer and compassionate world for the other beings that share my world.

Any of my close friends and certainly my husband and kids will say that I am like a wheel and that I go through these cycles of highs and lows; however, this last low, has lasted rather longer than I would have anticipated.

I have functioned, as described in my last posts but, it has been a continuous battle and  I have not always been the ray of light and beacon of hope that I strive to be! Far from it actually! More the voice of doom and the grim reaper!!!

I would like to take this opportunity to say to all my wonderful friends and to my beautiful family......


Unfortunately, none of them read this apart from the Very Special SUE H who has not only supported me while I've been Mrs Morose, but has been there for me even when she has been dealing with so many of her own health concerns.

SUE H is my biggest and 1 of 2 supporters and readers of this blog. For that I am so truly grateful and honoured. SUE H is a friend who  REALLY seems to  understand what I am trying to achieve in my life and why! SUE H shares my Values and Beliefs and that is why she reads the blog!
 And here I am STILL, with no readers apart from the Beautiful SUE H AND the Very Lovely Vikki with whom I have shared a lovely morning with today and who was the creative genius to whom I owe the beautiful ivy embroidery and all my lovely dragonflies and butterflies that covered my JoyFest Gown,Headress and button bouquet!

Vikki's husband to be is a fellow Vegan and concerned other about our lack of respect and compassion towards our fellow world inhabitants.

We have been invited to share a Vegan dinner with Vikki and John and I am so looking forward to meeting a fellow vegan IN my community and WITHIN my circle of Friends!!!

And so, with my newly restored energy, which feels sustainable and creative, I have decided that the time has come, to dive even deeper into the 21st Century and join  Facebook so that maybe in this way I can:....
1- Link this blog to it and actually find some like minded individuals who won't be bored stiff by reading it!
2- Most importantly, connect with local, national and international Vegans, and individuals who share my concerns about the way we treat other members of the Animal Kingdom, and who are part of the biggest movement in the world: The Animal Rights Movement.

So, here I go, into the world of social networking. I hope it won't be the FaceAche that my Adorable Friend Anna calls it!!!

I'm doing it for my Fellow Sentient Beings whom I share this world with, and for whom I want to make it a safer, more compassionate and completely cruelty free place.

I write this blog as a record for myself,  but also in the hope that someone, somewhere, someday, WILL log on because they share some of my views and may become a blogasphere Friend!

So, I end on the same old note.

I am off to get some readers!!!!

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