Friday, 13 January 2012

Valuable Virtues

Since getting back into the blogasphere, I have documented my decline into the Winter Woes and my ascent back to the New Year Hope!

I thought I'd do some research into what some of the Values that help me to appreciate what I have, actually mean.

Here is what I have come up with:


When one's spiritual needs are met by an untroubled inner life.
Happiness comes when your words and deeds are of benefit to yourself and others.


The Peace that comes when energies are in  harmony and relationships are in balance.


An inspired form of giving, love breathes life into the heart and brings grace to the soul.


Not the absence of fear or despair, but the strengh to conquer them.


Knowledge, intuition and experience combine to guide us in thought and deed.


To bring peace to the earth, Strive to make your own life peaceful.

I feel that these explanations sum up what I strive to achieve.

I believe that Happiness and Peace are  by products of GOODNESS, and that GOODNESS is:
Honesty; Truthfulness; Compassion and Kindness.

Courage is fundamental in enabling us to act kindly even when we're afraid; to be able to exercise good and steady judgement even in the midst of confusion and panick; to continue to do what we believe is right even when loud voices are urging us to do otherwise; To take risks; To boldly go and that the greatest danger in life is not having the courage to take in the adventure.

Everyone needs to be Loved and to Love.  Without that, people have no purpose or hope.
I know this because I have met people in my field of work, who truly have No-One.  For them, Life is extremely Bewildering, Lonely, and Painful.

I recently read that nationally, 21,000 elderly people are left needing paupers' funerals each year because they have no money to pay for their burial and no one else will pay or organise the ceremony. These people are buried in unmarked shared graves.

Love gives you a sense of self. Love is solidarity and cooperation. Love Nurtures us and gives us Strengh and Hope.

Wisdom comes from learning from life's experiences. Not being reactive and self protective but having foresight and self-critical awareness. Being Active, Curious and Enquiring of mind.

I am not wise yet, but I have learnt so much from my life experiences, both good and bad, and I use my knowledge to enhance my life now. I also have a fascination and love of  discussion although I enjoy listening more than taking part. I try and stay neutral in the face of opposing forces and from the centre, I can see clearly, consider calmly and Act desisively.

, I guess happens when we have all of the above. I'm getting there but still have much to learn in my quest for living a fulfilling life.

CARING FOR MY FAMILY is MY guiding Principle which incorporates ALL of the above and I value the Tranqulity that this brings to my life.

My family help me make definate choices about things and my obligations are clearer.  I have a responsibility but that necessity is in no way an obstacle to creativity because, actually the discipline of necessity is a very good creative spur.

Is IS because of my Husband and My Children that I am who I am.  I still want to be so much more and I know that the strengh they give me will ensure that I keep striving for self actualisation through living these values and practising what I preach.

And now I am going to wrap up warm and go and wonder at the Beautiful, Clear Night Sky that we have tonight, Full of twinkling stars and Frosty Underfoot and it will not be hard to Value all of the above Virtues and Many More.

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