Friday, 13 January 2012

Kind Considerations

"If you have Food in your Refrigerator, Clothes on your back,
A Roof Overhead and
A Place to Sleep

You are Richer than 75% of this World

If you have Money in the Bank,
In your Wallet and
Spare Change in a Dish some Place.....

You are among the top 8% of the World's Wealthy

If you Woke up this Morning with
More Health than Illness.....

You are more Blessed than the Million who will not Survive this Week

If you have never experienced the danger of Battle,
The Lonliness of imprisonment,
The Agony of Torture,
Or the pangs of Starvation.....

You are ahead of 500 Million people in the World

If you can attend a Church Meeting without
Fear of Harassment, Arrest, Torture or Death......

Your are more Blessed than Three Billion people in the World

If your Parents are Still alive and  married......

You are Very Rare

If you Hold Up your Head with a Smile on your Face
And are Truly Thankful.....

You are Blessed because the majority Can
But Most Do Not

If you can read this.....

You are more Blessed than over
Two Billion people that cannot
Read or Write.

Have a Good Day and Count your Blessings"

This is an edited extract of a message I was sent while I struggling, perhaps to remind me that, although my "issues" are relevant, They are of little relevance in the grand scheme of things.

And while messages like this "could" send me into a great hole of despair, they don't because I have support and love in my life which stops me from focusing on what I can't do, and encourages me to concentrate on what I CAN do!

I find the world a painful place, full of destruction and greed.

But I know there is also hope and goodness, and it is those Positive Forces that I am exposed to Every Day.  

They give me the strengh to know that those negative forces can and will be overcome. 

All I have to do is keep hold of the Peace and Joy that I am blessed with and use that strengh to stay motivated in my desire to be part of radical and progressive change in my own small way (for now at least....!)

And that small way, for now, is raising awareness through campaigning, letter writing, giving school talks and blogging (!)

I hope, by the end of this year, I will be doing something more practical, at least towards Animal Welfare as well as continuing all the above.

So, my goal now is to be pro-active and get some readers to this blog!

No more Neglecting the Blog!

 I need readers otherwise this is just a diary of my thoughts, hopes and desires,  rather than a way of reaching out to others who may also share my values and can offer advice and encouragement!

Thankyou for Reading!

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