Friday, 16 March 2012

Canals, Canines, Kennels and Crafts

On Sunday, We spent the First whole day on our Narrowboat this year.

It was warm and I could feel the sun on my back and face for the first time in 2012. It felt delicious!

I have written about the peace and solitude we find when we spend  time on Eliza.

We discover a simpler life. A way of life that suits us and that we strive to achive every day.

However, we have decided to sell Elisa so that we can buy a Boarding Kennel business with enough land to create an animal sanctuary and to become completely self sufficient.

We want to live a simple life, pursue work for more profound reasons and to have more time and space for creativity and interesting and enjoyable activities.

We had thought we may do this by becoming part of the canal community. Finding a plot of land where we could put an art studio and create a sanctuary for Rescue animals.

We have not ruled this idea out, and continue to search for that plot of land, however, we both also  like the idea of making a go at creating our own business in an area that we both feel passionately about. We want to create a home away from home for our canine Friends. A small  home that is environmentally Friendly, Ethical, Comfortable and Good Value.

I believe that by making a small income from this,  I will have more of an opportunity to raise money to set up my animal sanctuary which I hope will compliment the paying Boarding Kennels.

Rob will "potter" and I will "create" and if we are lucky, this may also fund the animal sanctuary.

So, at the moment, we look for both that Perfect Boarding kennel business, as well as that Perfect Canalside plot of land, while hoping that someone will want to buy our home to give us the finances to do either!

On Sunday, I knew that I wanted to find the Canalside plot of land, which I always do when I am on Eliza!

Other days, I want to move straight into an exsisting business that we can develop into "Harmony Kennels"!

Who knows what will happen?

But for now, following on from yesterday's post about wanting to make use out of my camera, I wanted to share some of the photos I took on Sunday which I hope, give a sense of the peace and tranquility we find on our piece of the Canal........................................


  1. Follow your heart, listen to your soul, and do what will find you peace and happiness.

    Your pictures are beautiful!

    1. I think instict is so powerful. I believe we should all follow our insticts, and therefore what our hearts are telling us! I am lucky because I have a husband who also knows how to balance what his heart tells him, with what his brain is saying and really weigh up the viabilities of a situation! We WILL do the right thing for all of us, and will give it the time it needs to find what that is!
      Thankyou Arleen and I LOVE the bluebird in your picture on your blog! I have been singing "over the rainbow" since seeing it!
      Earth Blessings x

  2. Oh Jen, what a beautiful life you lead. It's so important to live in a way that feeds our souls and feels 'right'. I admire you for persuing it. Canalside looks gorgeous - you've reminded me of the times I've visited the UK and the beauty of the country. Beautiful photos of your peace and tranquility too. The sunsets are stunning. So glad to have discovered you. x Deb (from Bright and Precious)

    1. Thankyou Deb. Life IS always beautiful on the Canal which is why the thought of maybe leaving that behind to pursue our dreams of looking after Animals feels difficult! But only time will tell, and I am a strong believer in what's meant to be is meant to be.
      Life has proved it to me time and time again.
      Earth Blessings to you & a Very Happy Mother's Day to a Truly Remarkabe and obviously very special Mum!x