Thursday, 15 March 2012

Preferred Pursuits

I started this blog at the end of Summer last year.  I knew I had at last found a creative space to express my thoughts, feelings, emotions, values and beliefs and I started to dedicate time to creating posts that I felt were interesting, thought provoking and meaningful.

I hoped people would read them, but I believed those "people" would be my Friends.

Now,  I love my Friends, I have wonderful Friends as I have spoken about in so many other posts.
So I wondered why they didn't read my posts. Why they didn't comment and why they didn't become followers?!

I didn't really take it personally. My Friends know that I am an "ideas" kinda girl, in that  all the time they have known me, I have always talked about my ideas, all the new projects and tasks I am going to undertake!

As I have written about previously, I am striving for self actualisation and I have not been afraid to try out lots of different things to get there!

Over the last months however, I believe I have finally found my true vocation after travelling down many roads. I know now what I want to concentrate my efforts on. What I want to focus my attention on. 

I have reached this conclusion through the help of so many wonderfully descriptive, creative and imaginative blogs that I have had the pleasure of reading and becoming a follower of.

So now I understand why my Friends haven't really become avid readers of my blog.

Blogging is self expression, it's a form of creativity and productivity. It's a forum to meet other like minded indiviuals, and...................... it's kinda adddictive!!!

So I understand now, that although I share a deep connection with all My Friends, it doesn't mean that we are neccessarily like minded in everything we feel.

I have really only now started to invest the time and energy into this "blogging" world.

Ultimately, as I mentioned in previous posts, when I realised that no one else wanted to read what I'd written, I decided that keeping a record of my thoughts and activities, values and beliefs was important anyway and that the blog would just be for my benefit.

I realised however, that it would encourage me to write better and be creative if I thought someone else might read it too!

So I started to really look around the blogasphere and boy, have I found some Beautiful Blogs. Blogs that I relate to, blogs that I want to relate to, blogs by people I want to meet, blogs by people I wish I knew, blogs by people that I strive to be like and blogs by people who I feel I should have been more like.

I have learnt that, at longlast, I have a project - DragonFly Aspirations that I enjoy, that I won't get bored of and that will encourage me  to pursue the other projects that I am passionate about, because I may develop an audience of like minded individuals who will share the same beliefs.

One of the reasons I started this blog, was to highlight the issue of Animal Welfare to the attention of any readers. To get the idea of Veganism out there. This my biggest project and I am now very much involved in campaigning in any way I can.

So, that is two pursuits,  DragonFly Aspirations and AnimalAid.
I am also  going to pursue my crafts which I have been leaving on the sidelines while I try out other pursuits, that seem to  have fallen by the wayside.

After looking at all the other Fabulous Blogs, my creative juices are flowing and I am needing to "create" some recycled art projects.

I have been inspired by the artists I have come across who are using their blogs as a showcase for their work.

DragonFlyAspirations is giving me the motivation and incentive I need to get back to my Art Room, Sort out my lids, corks, ribbons, string, old clothes, old CD's, boxes, jars among others and get creating those recycled Art models that I haven't done for so long.

Two years ago, I started to make a Rather huge dragon. I moulded it out of Chicken Wire, and covered him with Paper Mache. The idea was to cover him with the many years worth of bottle tops that I have collected. This project never got finished because I went onto something else!

The wonderful photography displayed throughout many of the blogs I am following has motivated me to take a Course in Learning how to use my Camera properly! So this will be another pursuit, one that I have been procrastinating about for too long.

So there I have it. My Preferred Pursuits that sit nicely  alongside my main interests that are my Family, Dogs and the Natural World!

I am finally settled and relaxed and certain about what I will spend my spare time doing.

A long time ago, Rob and I turned away from striving after wealth and possessions to free us to pursue work for more profound reasons and to have more time and space for creativity and interesting and enjoyable activities. However we are still striving for more time and space but we know it is coming, we are heading in the right direction.
Like me, Rob has his Preferred Pursuits of rock climbing and pottery and yearns to be able to give more time to them. Unlike me, he has less time because he works longer hours but we can see the end to this way of life in sight now.

We Aspire to lead a sustainable, self reliant life where we can make time for the intentional activities we choose, our work, our hobbies and interests, community activities and interpersonal relationships.
We are choosing to find activities and a way of life that will improve our wellbeing -
Creative Arts, Gardening, Taking Action for Others and the planet and being at one with Mother Earth will add meaning to our lives and help us to become more fulfilled.

Here are photos of some of my creations for our"Joyfest".

And here are a Few creations that were made for us By our wonderful Friends!

 Rob made over 40 Flower holders and Lanterns:




  1. It looks like you have found many ways to express yourself. Your art is lovely and interesting and I wish you the best in all your pursuits. I love your attitude about life.

  2. Thanks Arleen! I hope and believe, I have finally found "THE" way to express myself! I appreciate your supportx

  3. I added you to my Google Reader today :) Oh and you have 3 subscribers on there in addition to your followers here! It was SO lovely and inspiring talking to you about blogging today. I love that I get to read your writings in the days inbetween xx