Friday, 2 March 2012

Children, Changes and Choices.

This is a picture of my daughter whose zest and joy for life melts my heart and lifts my spirits every day.
Bleu has a beautiful energy that radiates from her in every moment. She is a perfect example of the importance of living in and for the moment and I often wonder at her spirit of play and contentment.

This is my son who also has an impressive engergy and passion for life and of whom I am immensely proud.
Matthew turns 17 next Friday and I can honestly say he has grown into a self reliant, quietly determined young man with a streak of the ridiculous! His tenacity and dedication to his job and future career is nothing short of incredible and I hope he will never loose his focus.

I hope that both my Children have a deep down sense of self which comes from always knowing the unconditional love of their family.

This is my husband who, as I have mentioned many times in previous posts, holds us all together with his love, protection, guidance, judgment and perspective. He offers us all a firm, supporting hand and a warm heart and strives for us all to be comfortable and happy. Rob is determined to enjoy life even though he is presently stuck in a job which can sometimes drain him of his hopes and dreams.  However, a weekend soon fixes that and Rob will once again display the drive and dedication that enables him to make the most of what he has here and now. He is a good and loyal husband and father and We are a very lucky family, and I hope a unit that is so tight, it is unbreakable.

Alot of things are changing for us as a family right now and it has been unsettling for all of us. Bleu and Matthew appear to have remained rather unaffected but it's difficult to believe that, on some unconscious level, they are not a little anxious.

Both our house and narrow boat are up for sale, and we are really just playing a waiting game now which we hope will happen by Summer.
So, my journey since starting this blog, has always had this end goal in site, and we are at the half way mark now!

Our goal is to buy an exsisting boarding kennels which we can love and nurture and make into a profitable, ethical and comfortable business so that we can concentrate on living and enjoying life. We aim to become self sustainable and to really live as simple a life as is possible as I have described in past posts.
We would like to make enough money to have the essentials and feel comfortable but we aim to concentrate on our other skills to achieve self fulfilment. Rob will make his pottery and I will concentrate on making the world a better place for our fellow inhabitants, and making part of our home, an animal sancturary.

So, our family unit is about to tested in a way it has not experienced before. But I know we'll make it and become stronger. There is so much about our old life that I will miss, so the challenge will be to make our new life as full and enjoyable as possible so that the pain of what we have left behind becomes manageable.

Family helps us to make clearer choices. Obligations become clearer and there are huge responsibilities. However, those responsibilities need not be an obstacle to creativity. In fact, we have realised that the discipline of nessecity is a Very good creative spur.

So we are moving forward into the unknown. Something that we have wanted to do for so long, but until now, the time never seemed right, it wasn't right for our Kids.

Now though, the time has come to focus our responsibilities and obligations on making something sustainable and creative, which will benefit our children and give them a legacy of 2 parents that feel so blessed and amazed each day at the wonder that is Bleu and Matthew.

Follow the journey here!

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  1. You have a lovely family Jen. I understand the anxiousness of changing your direction in life, however, it is the things that we don't do in life that we regret, not the things we do. Congratulations for making this decision, and I wish you the best.